Wedding Photography

The story you never forget is yours...

In contrast to traditional wedding photography, which often involves staged poses and formal setups, our emphasis is narrating your story naturally. However, we are experienced in posed or set-up scenes and seamlessly incorporate this style into our services.

Our style is distinctive. While some may refer to it as Wedding Photojournalism, that’s inaccurate. The term was coined by a photojournalist who transitioned from editorial photography to shooting weddings, we’re documentary photographers. We capture authentic moments in a sequence.

Film vs Digital – Color & Black and White

We capture images using color digital, digital black and white, color film, and black and white film, shooting film on request- it’s more expensive and takes longer to get your images due to processing and scanning. The quality of our services remains exceptional, and we guarantee our results.

Our Goal

  • From the moment we arrive at your wedding, we begin telling your story by creating a visual narrative that preserves genuine moments, emotions, and details, providing a candid and unscripted representation of your celebration.

Candid Moments and Emotional Authenticity

  • As documentary photographers, we capture moments and convey emotional authenticity. We become an observer, blending into the background to document the real interactions between you, your families, and your guests. This approach results in images reflecting the genuine joy, laughter, tears, and love shared during the wedding. Our photos tell a unique and personal story beyond staged smiles, creating a more meaningful and emotional connection to the memories.

Comprehensive Storytelling

  • From the pre-ceremony preparations to the ceremony, reception, and everything in between, we cover the entire wedding day, which results in a diverse collection of images that encapsulate the various aspects of the celebration. The final photo album becomes a detailed and chronological account of the day, allowing you to relive each moment and share your story with others.

W. Eugene "Gene" Smith, the father of the photo-essay, and a distinguished artist whose photography and storytelling have left an indelible mark on the worlds of documentary photography, photojournalism and art. Gene Smith was not only a master of his craft but also a profound source of inspiration for many, including us.
Robert 'Bob' Capa , the visionary behind the establishment of Magnum Photos, stands as a profound source of inspiration for many in the realm of photography. Renowned for his direct yet impactful shooting style, Capa identified himself as a newspaperman, a testament to his commitment to capturing and conveying the raw essence of real-life moments.

Tragically, Capa's illustrious career came to an untimely end in Vietnam on May 25, 1954, when he stepped on a land mine. His legacy lives on, not only through his iconic photographs but also through the indomitable spirit he exhibited in the face of danger, inspiring generations of photographers to follow in his footsteps.
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