Film Rescue & Scanning

If your childhood memories, shared moments with friends and family, were captured by your parents with a film camera, chances are those negatives and positives are in an old shoebox, collecting dust—out of mind and out of time for years. But they don't have to be. It's time to give them the upgrade they deserve with high-resolution digitization.

We are the exclusive service in the Nebraska panhandle equipped to scan and digitize your images, providing ultra-high resolution for optimal printing at their maximum size, and the cost is more affordable than you might expect.

Scanning options include resolutions of 900, 1800, 3600, and 7200 DPI Black and White film negative, color negative and slide film. As an example, scanning 35mm film at 7200 DPI results in an image size of around 9800x6600 pixels in 48-bit RGB, an actual size of 32.67 x 22 inches, ensuring that if printed, the image maintains exact resolution without any loss in quality.

Although medium format scans are not currently offered, we have plans to provide this service in the future.

Reach out to us via phone or text at (970)-270-1979, or drop us an email below, and let us assist you in preserving and reliving those cherished memories.

1966. Kodak Kodachrome

35mm Film Scans
7200 dpi

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